Our Story

Mystic. Its beauty steeped in confidence and grounded in layers of history—strong glimpses of the past that guide us like a North Star above the sea. It would become an imprint on my soul—a quaint New England coastal town called Mystic, where I spent the Summer of my 21st year. You’ll always return to the places that cast their spell. The places that shape the aesthetic of your life, well into adulthood. The beauty of “old” in its simplicity and the artistic reminders that practicality need not sacrifice adornment—all benchmarks of my creative life. Where rooms are lit by candlelight, let us be reminded of our past, embrace our present and shine a light to our future. This is Mystic. A hand-painted reminder of beauty in practicality.

Esme Saleh spent more than a decade as a Journalist–occasionally escaping the news cycle with a palette of watercolors. Through that medium, Esme found there’s beauty in impermanence. The way water takes on a new shape and changes the landscape. The way one small turn of events changes the headline. Painting on wax offered the same discovery. Wild and free and full of possibility, taper candles were never supposed to be the main act. But the Universe had its final say and Mystic set sail. Inspired by folk art and soulful interior design, Esme approaches each new design with intention. Repetitive patterns offer meditative techniques, bringing heart and soul into each pair of hand-painted candles.

“Given the hardest terms, supposing our days are indeed but a shadow, even so, we may well adorn and beautify, in scrupulous self-respect, our souls and whatever our souls touch upon.”

-Walter Pater